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Snow is on its way!

YES!!! According to snow expert meteorologist John Dee, there's a good chance that four inches or more might come our way Sunday night through Monday night, and perhaps another four on top of that by the end of next week.  Check it out here!

Which begs the question, are you ready? Or more precisely, are your skis ready?  

As many of you know CyclovaXC has a world class (aka World Cup level) cross country ski service. It's safe to say that few others in the Midwest (or perhaps the country... maybe world?) know more about making skis FAST or are more trusted than the team here at CyclovaXC. Which is why we get so many people bringing skis here (or shipping skis here) from the Twin Cities and all over the nation.

Frank Lundeen, our head ski tech and co-founder has been helping skis (and skiers) perform at their highest potential for more than two decades.  His experience with top ski industry companies, retailers, and athletes - from Olympic Champions to first timers - ensures you will have the fastest and best performing skis possible!  All the stonegrinding is done by Frank on a machine that is second to none. We love skiing on fast skis and want to help you get faster skis too!

But wait you say, 'I don't race', I don't care about speed...'  Well, think about it this way.  A non-waxed ski or a ski that is waxed improperly doesn't just slow you down, it goes against what the entire experience of skiing is all about: frictionless movement!  Skis and snow allow human beings to experience something that no other ground animal can ever experience: gliding effortlessly across a surface.  A well waxed ski allows you to feel like you are floating across the landscape.... nothing compares!  And even if your skis are 'waxless', the tips and tails still need waxing to allow for an easy glide.  It doesn't need to be about speed ... go as slow as you want.... it's about fun and optimal efficiency

We have waxes, corks, brushes, irons, etc. for all the do-it-yourselfers out there, and we are always delighted to answer any questions about waxing whether you are looking for the fastest flourocarbon combination or simply want to know which wax or system is the easiest to use. And we will also gladly do it for you, from a $10 paste and polish, to the full stonegrinding and race hot waxing treatment.

CLICK HERE for our Ski Service and Info Brochure.  This is where you will find all of the details on our range of ski services including stonegrinding, hotboxing, and waxing.  There is also a ton of great tech info in this document!
CLICK HERE for a sheet of ski work order forms.  You'll want these if you will be shipping or dropping off a batch of skis to be ground or waxed.

For much more information on stonegrinding, ski fit, waxing, and general ski tech info, CLICK HERE to check out our Ski Tech Page.

Following is our range of xc ski services and pricing information:
  • Stonegrind with your structure of choice (see structure menu): $69.99
  • P-tex Welding may be necessary if there are deep scratches in your ski base.  This service costs an additional $15
  • Race Prep Thermo Bag Treatment:  The Race Prep Thermo Treatment is the ideal start for a freshly stoneground ski – all you’ll need to do get your skis race ready is put your wax of the day on.  The race prep saturation features 2 layers of a soft paraffin wax, followed by 1 layer of hard paraffin wax.  Each layer is gently baked in our state of the art SKI SAUNA THERMO BAG at 55’C for 60 minutes.  Studies show that each layer of wax in a Thermo bag achieves wax penetration equal to at least 15 individual layers of wax!  $44.99
  • Stonegrind & Race Prep Thermo Treatment Combo$99.99
  • Waxing:  We offer a variety of ski waxing packages – for all levels of skiers!  You choose between Fast Wax or Toko...
o      Slick Speed Paste & Polish$10
o      Sport Hot Wax (10 step, 2 layer paraffin hot wax job):  $29.99
o      Racer HF Hot Wax (15 step, 3 layer paraffin, LF, and HF hot wax job):  $54.99
o      Racer Flourocarbon Hot Wax (20 step, 4 layer paraffin, LF, HF, and Flourocarbon hot wax job):  $79.99

Following are detailed profiles of our 3 most popular stonegrind structures, including high quality images of each:

If you have any questions on Cyclova XC Racing Service, please contact the helpful staff at Cyclova XC. You can contact us via:

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