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Congratulations Tommy K for Winning the Pre-Birkie 42K Classical Race!

This photo is from the Birkie several years ago, not yesterday's race--Photo by Barb Lundberg
A huge shout out to Tommy K for winning the 42KM Pre-Birkie Classical race on Saturday, February 11th 2017. What a great win! This is one of the most prestigious races in our area and it's awesome to have one of our guys bring it home! Tommy puts together a lot of training groups throughout the year and it's fun to see the Cyclova guys show up on race day! As always, there was a large contingent of smiling individuals ready to race.
I'd talked to Tommy just before the race start as he discussed kick wax with Duane. He'd just put on a new layer of something but hadn't checked whether or not it worked. I guess we have our answer.

Check out the full race results here.

If anyone has any pictures of Tommy from Saturday's race, please send them over! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the temps drop enough at night to keep the snow on the Birkie trail a few more weeks!

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