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Summer Bike Rentals at Cyclova XC!

Steve gives the thumbs up on our new Populo Sport Electric Assist rental bicycle.  Come on in and rent a bike for a beautiful day in the St. Croix Valley!
We are thrilled to announce a variety of rental bikes being available at Cyclova XC for the Summer season of 2017.  

St. Croix Falls is a premier national destination for a variety of types of cycling.  Our area boasts two State "Rails to Trails" trails, world class mountain biking & Winter fat biking, road riding second to none, and nationally known gravel adventure riding!  We also host several of the nation's biggest events such as the Solstice Chase, Mammoth Gravel Classic, and the Woolly Mountain Bike Race!  You owe it to yourself to come experience riding in the Upper St. Croix Valley for yourself!

All bikes in our rental fleet are top quality in their own respective categories and are priced at $55 per day.  To rent a bike, we recommend reserving in advance.

Following are rental bike options:
  • Populo Sport Electric Assist Bicycle:  A comfortable, confidence inspiring bike with an electric assist motor which can help you along - enabling easier hill climbing, keeping up with speedy friends, and extending your riding range.  This is perfect for riding on the Gandy Dancer / Seven Lakes Trail or pavement.
  • Trek FX3:  Cyclova XC's all time best selling bike, the FX3 is a comfortable and incredibly versatile bike.  The perfect bike for riding the Gandy Dancer/Seven Lakes trail and pavement!
  • Salsa Beargrease X5 Fat Bike:  Our best selling fat bike is equally ideal for riding Summer dirt or Winter snow!  If you're looking to get out and ride the Woolly Trails, the Beargrease X5 is what you're after!

Mammoth Gravel Classic T-Shirt

Hey Folks!
Remember that April 15th is the Mammoth Gravel Classic, the gravel century ride that launches the gravel season here in...well, basically the whole world. The ride is FREE as always, but this year we're offering a T-shirt to commemorate the awesomeness of the brave souls who endeavor to defy the elements and ride until they collapse. Plus...it's always nice to have a clean, dry shirt to pull on when you're getting a pizza after the effort.  Proceeds from the shirt will go to help cover the expenses of the ride.

I'll be putting in the shirt order around March 10th. I'll order a few extras, but the only way to guarantee you'll get one is to pre-order.  You can do so by clicking on this paypal button:


Or by sending a check for $20 payable to CyclovaXC to:

P.O. Box 187
112 N. Washington St.
St. Croix Falls WI 54024
(be sure to indicate shirt size on the memo line)

Or just stop by Cyclova and pay for a shirt there.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at Mammoth! This is a fun, chill event and a great way to spend the day! If you're planning on coming, please remember to fill out the confirmation form so we have your emergency contact information, etc! See you all soon!