From St. Croix Falls to Boston, Evolution of a Runner and Strength Training for Life


Hear marathon champion runner Tammi Braund and Ironman Mike Colaizy discuss their secrets for becoming national class endurance athletes on March 23rd starting at 6 PM!

ADVENTURE: Tammi, winner of the Eau Claire Marathon and two time winner of the Gandy Dancer Marathon (women and men!) presents on Evolution of a Runner: from sprinter to long distance runner. Tammi will share her experiences (the good and the bad) as she juggles taking care of her six kids, training and competing in marathons. She will be including tips on how to qualify for the Boston Marathon, her favorite marathon races and what she has in store for 2017.

TECH:  Our Tech presentation will be led by Mike Colaizy, a local Ironman and Birkie veteran. Mike will present Strength Training for life, techniques for optimizing running, bicycling and skiing.
Mike has so many credentials as a trainer of top athletes it's hard to know where to start. First, he is himself an accomplished Ironman triathlete, cross country skiing expert, and marathon runner. Now working part time as the Group Exercise Instructor at Wild River Fitness, Mike is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and also an NASM Personal Trainer. Mike has warned us that he is going to make his presentation FUN! Which means Mike is going to bring some of his favorite tools (toys) from the gym (like ropes and kettle balls) and give us a chance to try them out!  Mike will cover strength and cross training for endurance athletes (no, it's not just about running!), proper warm up, pre and post stretching, building the core and explaining what exactly is the "core". And he'll even lead us through a sample crossfit workout. So come ready to work out! Maybe even bring your training clothes (yes we have changing rooms).

The neat thing about Mike's presentation is we all get to participate and the guy has some rather unconventional strength tools that translates into everyone going away with something new to try out!

And of course there will be plenty of time for Q and A and for you to share your own insights into what has worked for you! See you at 6 PM... 125 Washington (downtown St. Croix Falls).

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