On the Road for a Bicycle Friendly America -- Join Us Thursday, March 9th!

First, please note the date changes for our remaining Adventure and Tech Series at CyclovaXC.  Due to numerous scheduling conflicts, the next three presentations will be held March 9th, March 20th and April 6th.  Make sure to update your calendars!!!!

JOIN US us on March 9th for what will surely be an inspirational view of the role of bicycles in our society and how cities around the country are embracing this amazing tool for transformation! After hearing from Steve Clark on what it takes to become a Bicycle Friendly Community, there will be a discussion led by William Johnson, former Polk County Board Member and Tourism Committee Chair, about the threats to the Gandy Dancer and other local issues.  This will be followed by Frank Lundeen's 'how to fix a flat' tech talk!

Thursday, March 9, 2017 Presentation:  On the Road for a Bicycle Friendly America and local bicycle advocacy

The above photo depicts “Advisory Bike Lanes” in Minneapolis.  This innovative solution allows bike lanes to be striped when there isn’t sufficient space for conventional bike lanes, simply by removing the center stripe and giving priority to bicyclists! When bicyclists are not in the bike lane, motorists can cross the dashed lines.  When bikes are in the space, car drivers must slow down and yield to one another to safely pass the bicyclists as shown here.

Steve Clark has spent much of his adult life working to improve conditions for bicyclists, first as the Bicycle Coordinator in Boulder, Colorado, then as program manager of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Project in the Twin Cities and most recently as the Bicycle Friendly Community Specialist for the League of American Bicyclists. Sponsored by Trek and local retailers like CyclovaXC, Steve traveled around the country helping more than 200 communities become bike-friendly.  Steve will show the most innovative facilities and programs that are making a difference.  From the Nice Ride bike sharing in Minneapolis to protected green bike lanes in Chicago, Steve has been instrumental in inspiring communities to rethink transportation and help them understand how bicycles are the perfect vehicle for improved public health, a better environment and a stronger economy.  After seeing all the amazing efforts happening around the country, you will be invited to participate in a discussion regarding local issues, and how cities and counties in our region can become designated as Bicycle Friendly Communities by the League of American Bicyclists.

Above: This bumper sticker in LA County was also placed on buses and billboards to create greater legitimacy for bikes sharing the roadways.

The pilot program in Minneapolis that Steve managed was the major funder for Nice Ride, one of the nation’s first successful bike share programs.

Threats to the Gandy Dancer and other local issues- a discussion led by former Polk County Board Supervisor, William Johnson

The photo on the left was taken last Spring in Burnett County after ATV use was claimed to have occurred only when the trail was frozen!  Many worry that with Polk County's recent decision to allow ATV use in the winter, the trail will be severely degraded for bicycling and maintenance costs will skyrocket.  

Tech: Frank Lundeen will lead people through how to fix a flat on any bike; whether on the road or at home! Then he'll take questions on other bike maintenance "need to know" basics.

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