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Getting in gear for the Mammoth Gravel Classic, April 15th

Believe it or not, the Mammoth Gravel Classic is less than 2 weeks away - on Saturday, 15 April, 2017!

Yes, even though we like to pretend we just let cyclists get out there and discover all the hardships and other obstacles on your own for the 35, 70 and 100 mile routes, we actually do inspect the conditions in advance and even remove fallen trees where needed!  (I mean, tough is one thing, but we do want to make sure it's passable!) So sign up now for this free event SATURDAY, APRIL 15th!  

Do be sure to read through the extensive course info page for the course that you plan on riding - and be certain to have a navigation plan.  Remember, this is a self supported gravel adventure ride - simply put, you are responsible for you!

On occasion, when inspecting the courses for the Mammoth Gravel Classic, we need to get out the "heavy artillery".  Above Frank strikes a pose on the 100 Mile Mammoth Gravel Classic course - while out inspecting the course last week! 
This bridge was underwater, but no longer! Will it be open in time for the Mammoth Gravel Classic? Who cares? We can get under (or over) it!  It's all part of the adventure!  Gravel conditions don't get better than this!
See you on the 15th!

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