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Pre-order your Cyclova "Gravel Green" 2017 Cycling Kit!

Hey Folks!
We're busy finalizing the look for the 2017 Cyclova "Gravel Green" cycling kit! This design is a little more subdued than some of the other kits we've offered, but the color scheme is consistent and you'll be able to mix and match all your other Cyclova gear with this uniform. The design for the shorts is the same as our current XC ski tight so chances are you've seen these out in the wild already.

I'll be putting in the order this week so we'll have our kits by the early summer. In addition to Men's and Women's specific design, we'll also be offering a Tri suit and Tri shorts.

Pricing is as follows:
Jerseys are $75
Shorts are $75
Tri Suit $110
Tri Shorts $80

Upgrade to bibs +10
Upgrade to Fiandre Pad +10
Upgrade to Comp pad +15

The kit comes with a very good pad, but I upgraded to the Comp pad on the last round of kits and I recommend it.

For sizing, here is the Mt. Borah sizing chart:

Mt. Borah also sent a M men's Tri suit which is currently at Cyclova, so if you're curious about a Tri fit, go and check that out. Also, don't hesitate to write me about fitting questions. I've done a lot of these kits over the years and we can come up with a good guess about sizing. Also, I'll be putting in a big enough order so we can swap out your size if the jersey you order turns out to be incorrect. Tall sizing is also available.

To pre-order, send an email to and include:

  • All the product you wish to order.
  • Please specify whether you prefer the men's or the women's cut (I always assume you might be ordering for a friend, believe me a lot less confusion ensues if I just specify whether it's men's or women's).
  • Whether you need a "tall" fit.
  • Any bib or Chamois upgrades.
For more information on the specific product, please check out the information pages on Mt. Borah:
(Note: They don't have a listing on their page for the Women's Team powerband short, so please verify material, etc., using the men's)

Payment on delivery. Thanks everyone!

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