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Seven Lakes Half Marathon on May 6, 2017--Will Count for Sasquatch Dash

Hey Everyone!
We're getting set to launch the 2017 Schedule for the Sasquatch Dash, but first of all we'd like all of our runner friends to register for the Seven Lakes Half Marathon on Saturday, May 6th. May 6th and 7th turned out to be kind of a crowded weekend this year as it's also the date for the Woolly Race and the Eau Claire Marathon. Sometimes the calendar just falls strange. We already had to adjust the date for the Mammoth Gravel Classic because of a conflict.

The Seven Lakes Half Marathon is a fun event that helps fund the Stower Seven trail. Register by clicking here. The price is $40 through May 1st (which is very reasonable for a half-marathon).

Regarding Sasquatch Dash, you will receive 5 points for participating in either the Seven Lakes Half Marathon or the Eau Claire Marathon, but it's one or the other, not both. In upcoming years, I'm sure these events will be on different weekends, and we plan to keep awarding points for both of them.

So register now if you haven't already. Remember, your participation points come just from finishing, so you're welcome to sign up and walk it if you think a half is too far. Or sign up and time yourself for 10K then walk in. This is a beautiful trail with plenty of water stops and it's a great place to spend the day. They make the payment schedule very reasonable and convenient so....

Please send me an email confirming completion so I can get you your Sasquatch points (!

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