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Wednesday Night Sprints! Casual kick off April 26th!

"When are the Wednesday night bike rides going to start again?"  was a question we here at Cyclova XC have been hearing since the warm spell in February!  Well. though it might not be any warmer now than it was the week before the Birkie, we're happy to say, NOW!  Well, to be more precise, April 26th at 6 PM. (Which for some of you reading this, might actually be now!

All of the details about the course and how the ride works can be found HERE (yes a few of the links reference 2016, but the course is the same for 2017).  PLEASE READ!

But in a nutshell:
  • Be kitted up, ready to leave promptly at 6:00 pm
  • We group ride 33.6 miles TOGETHER with the exception of 6 distinct sprint sections of up to roughly 1 mile in length
  • During a sprint segment, you are free to get to the end of the sprint as fast or as slow as you wish
  • After a sprint segment, everyone slows down or stops and we regroup before continuing on
  • We start as a group and we end as a group.  Anticipate an overall average speed, depending on the group, of anywhere from 14 mph to 17+ mph.
  • If you drive to Cyclova XC for this 6 PM event, please refrain from parking right in front of the store (to allow customers of the shop and the pizza place to still get in and out while we are riding).
Anyone who can safely operate a bicycle 34 miles is welcome.  Road bikes are highly recommended! (The route is all on decent pavement and people will be going fast on the sprints!).

This first one on April 26th might be a bit more casual than others.  The forecast says we'll have a steady north wind and a temp of 40..  So wear enough to stay warm and plan on having at least a taillight in case we don't get back till dusk or later. If the group agrees we might make this first one more like 25 miles than 34.  In any case, plan on having FUN! 


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