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Sasquatch 2017 #2 Write-Up

Hey Everyone!
This was race #2, but week #1 was a bonus race so now it truly feels like Sasquatch season! This is the 5th year doing this, and it's always great to see all the familiar faces. The fun atmosphere of this series is what I look forward to every summer, and it's awesome to see it continue.

Tammi Braund has taken over as our race director and she did a tremendous job putting the course together. We had one individual get a little turned around, but usually it's more in the half dozen range (or more if I mark the course), so I call that a win.

It was also great to have our two young runners Eli Campion and Sam Thanig participate. Eli's dad Dan posted a nice thank you on Facebook to all the runners who encouraged his son out on the course. The high-fives go a long way, and running 5 miles is no small achievement. Maybe we can recruit some more younger runners for future events! I'm planning on bringing my little ones to do the 5k at the City of Trails races next weekend. Remember that they offer a nice discount for registering as a family, so get some people involved!

The standings are as follows. As always, if you see any errors or omissions, send them to me at

Men's Leaderboard
Women's Leaderboard
If I'd have been smart I'd have brought my camera along for some nice action photos since I wasn't racing. Still, I grabbed what I could with my phone and I'll put those up on the Cyclova Facebook page later on. Thanks again everyone for coming! See you on June 10th!

Sasquatch Home Opener Course Description

Hey Everyone!

This will be the first run Tammi has set up for us, so I encouraged her to make it an out and back for the sake of simplicity. For those of you into Strava, you can check out the course here. Essentially we're running through Interstate Park, onto Horizon Trail and then Skyline then spinning around and coming back. Tammi is going to go out and mark the course with chalk later this week (usually we try to get everyone lost so that you can inadvertently get your 19 mile training day in...might not happen Saturday darn!). Here's the course:

Tammi has also marked the turn around point with an impossible-to-miss monument created through the careful assembly of  naturally occurring materials (sort of like that guy who stacks rocks out on Lake Superior):
You might want to plan on bringing your GPS and turning around at the 2.5 mile point.

Be sure to sign up on the Facebook event. Looking forward to seeing the Sasquatch crew on Saturday!

It's Sasquatch Season! 2017 First Leader Board Update!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the delay in posting this, that marathon last Sunday took it out of me. Every time I run a marathon I realize my training was only really adequate for running a half marathon. I guess I'll have to pretend Grandma's is a 50 miler.

There were two fantastic events last week, the Stower Half Marathon and the Eau Claire Full and Half. All Sasquatchers who participated in these events received 5 bonus points. I've tried to include everyone on the sheet, but if I missed you, please send an email to: and I'll get you your points. I mainly just included people who contacted me about shirts, usually a bunch of extra people show up on the first race so I can record your bonus points at that time.

Currently we have only points for the shirt and bonus points, so the leader board is a big tie. This will sort itself out on May 27th at our first Cyclova Sasquatch Race. For now, here's the list:


Again, see y'all on May 27th! 

Also, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, check out the Grantsburg Adventure Triathlon on Saturday, May 13th. This event isn't for Sasquatch points, but it's a fun event and there will be a lot of Cyclova athletes participating. 

Don't hesitate to send corrections to the point totals to: Thanks!

Mountain Bike Race Series Opener Draws 600 Bike Racers to St. Croix Falls

Start of the Men’s Elite Race with a field of 55 riders

ST. CROIX FALLS—The Minnesota Mountain Bike Racing Series found perfect conditions to open the 2017 season in St, Croix Falls, drawing nearly 600 bike racers for a day of family fun on Sun. May 7.

The dance card for the day included classes from Elite racers to kids, and even a marathon event lasting over four hours.

The event, sponsored primarily by the St. Croix Falls based Woolly Bike Club, uses the extensive mountain bike trail system they have developed over the last few years.

Complete race results are available at:

For more information on the Woolly Bike Club and the mountain bike trails near St. Croix Falls:

For Polk County visitor information: 800-222-POLK or

--Polk County Tourism Council
Myles Brown (5026) and Travis Albrecht (5107) lead at the start of the Kids Comp race
Kids Race has the future mountain bike racers riding a short loop
Ben Olson (7) gets a hand-up water bottle during the Men’s Elite race
Rebecca Sauber (113) leads teammate and eventual overall Elite Women’s Class winner, Anna Christian (106)
Svetlana Vold (2247) paces Sudie Hall (2035) and Meryl Sudeith (2079) at the start of the Women’s Sport Class
Brianna Schildren (4737) and Chloe Leege (4010) ride in the Women’s Citizen race

Last Call for Sasquatch Shirts! First Events This weekend!

Hello All!

Here's your final reminder to put in your pre-order for a 2017 Sasquatch Dash T-shirt. Just send your size to and you'll qualify for the 10 point series bonus.

This weekend there are the first two events where you can earn 5 participation points for the series. Pick one or the other (not both);

Just be sure to send me an email telling me which event you participated in and I'll make sure you get your points noted on the scoring sheet.

The first race leaving from Cyclova will be on May 27th.


The New Cyclova Kits are In!

Hey Everyone!
Exciting news! If you ordered a new Cyclova "Gravel Green" kit they have arrived at the store. They look great, and they fit in well with all the other clothing we have offered. It's kind of nice that the kits arrived on a Wednesday so you can all come down and do the sprint ride in your new kit!

In addition to the pre-orders, there are some extra items available for sale so it's not too late to get a kit if you missed out on reserving one during pre-order! I also expect to be putting in another order shortly, so let me know if you want one of these kits (!


2018 American Birkebeiner Registration NOW OPEN!

Hey Everyone!

Here's our annual reminder that the American Birkebeiner has just opened up registration. 

Sadly, we have to put up with several months of above freezing weather before we can enjoy the perpetual darkness, cutting wind, eternal snow, and -50 temps of another beautiful Wisconsin Winter.

If you have even the smallest inclination to ski the Birkie, register now because this event fills up fast! Think snow :)