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It's Sasquatch Season! 2017 First Leader Board Update!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the delay in posting this, that marathon last Sunday took it out of me. Every time I run a marathon I realize my training was only really adequate for running a half marathon. I guess I'll have to pretend Grandma's is a 50 miler.

There were two fantastic events last week, the Stower Half Marathon and the Eau Claire Full and Half. All Sasquatchers who participated in these events received 5 bonus points. I've tried to include everyone on the sheet, but if I missed you, please send an email to: and I'll get you your points. I mainly just included people who contacted me about shirts, usually a bunch of extra people show up on the first race so I can record your bonus points at that time.

Currently we have only points for the shirt and bonus points, so the leader board is a big tie. This will sort itself out on May 27th at our first Cyclova Sasquatch Race. For now, here's the list:


Again, see y'all on May 27th! 

Also, if you're looking for something to do this weekend, check out the Grantsburg Adventure Triathlon on Saturday, May 13th. This event isn't for Sasquatch points, but it's a fun event and there will be a lot of Cyclova athletes participating. 

Don't hesitate to send corrections to the point totals to: Thanks!

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