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Sasquatch 2017 #2 Write-Up

Hey Everyone!
This was race #2, but week #1 was a bonus race so now it truly feels like Sasquatch season! This is the 5th year doing this, and it's always great to see all the familiar faces. The fun atmosphere of this series is what I look forward to every summer, and it's awesome to see it continue.

Tammi Braund has taken over as our race director and she did a tremendous job putting the course together. We had one individual get a little turned around, but usually it's more in the half dozen range (or more if I mark the course), so I call that a win.

It was also great to have our two young runners Eli Campion and Sam Thanig participate. Eli's dad Dan posted a nice thank you on Facebook to all the runners who encouraged his son out on the course. The high-fives go a long way, and running 5 miles is no small achievement. Maybe we can recruit some more younger runners for future events! I'm planning on bringing my little ones to do the 5k at the City of Trails races next weekend. Remember that they offer a nice discount for registering as a family, so get some people involved!

The standings are as follows. As always, if you see any errors or omissions, send them to me at

Men's Leaderboard
Women's Leaderboard
If I'd have been smart I'd have brought my camera along for some nice action photos since I wasn't racing. Still, I grabbed what I could with my phone and I'll put those up on the Cyclova Facebook page later on. Thanks again everyone for coming! See you on June 10th!

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