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Sasquatch Home Opener Course Description

Hey Everyone!

This will be the first run Tammi has set up for us, so I encouraged her to make it an out and back for the sake of simplicity. For those of you into Strava, you can check out the course here. Essentially we're running through Interstate Park, onto Horizon Trail and then Skyline then spinning around and coming back. Tammi is going to go out and mark the course with chalk later this week (usually we try to get everyone lost so that you can inadvertently get your 19 mile training day in...might not happen Saturday darn!). Here's the course:

Tammi has also marked the turn around point with an impossible-to-miss monument created through the careful assembly of  naturally occurring materials (sort of like that guy who stacks rocks out on Lake Superior):
You might want to plan on bringing your GPS and turning around at the 2.5 mile point.

Be sure to sign up on the Facebook event. Looking forward to seeing the Sasquatch crew on Saturday!

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