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Cyclova Thursday Night Running Workouts With Jim Kelley--Coming July 20th

NEW! Thursday night runs! 6PM at Cyclova!

As you all know, the Sasquatch Dash series has helped to start to put the RUN back into Cyclova. We’ve had a very positive response from the community to the Sasquatch series. We’d like to take it to another level and start to help folks get a little more out of their run training. We’ve already alluded to getting some more running gear into the store, such as Altra running shoes. Now we’d like to establish some more running-related activities…hence a new Thursday night run. Summer is screaming by already so the first Thursday night run will be July 20. We wanted to start these runs ASAP so that it can help folks get ready for fall events ranging from a local 5k run to events such as Ironman Wisconsin, Twin Cities Marathon, Gandy Dancer Marathon, Superior 100, Bear 100, and Ice Box 480.

What will the Thursday night runs be like? Well, that depends on you. Depending on the response, the runs will be whatever you want them to be. But, we’ll take the first step and offer some field testing so that you can determine your current run fitness. This will entail a little bit of time on the track. The first two Thursday night runs will be on the St. Croix Falls high school track (just up the hill from our shop) and will involve a 1600 meter (4 lap) time trail the first night and a 3200 meter (8 lap) time trial the second night. From your results for those two runs we can help you determine your training zones. That can be zones specified in pace (minute/mile) and/or heart rate if you use and train using a heart rate monitor. If you have a training plan for a race you have scheduled you can plug those training zones into your plan. You don’t have a training plan or don’t know where to start? We can help you out with that as well. If you can only make it to one of the time trials, we would suggest attending the 3200 meter trial on July 27. If you can’t make either of the runs please let us know and we can give you the protocol so that you can conduct the trials yourself on any track and give us the results so that we can help you calculate your zones.

Once these first two runs are completed we will try to provide a variety of different runs each week. We are lucky to have immediate access to some awesome trails on the Ice Age Trail and Interstate Park. We might even go back to the track once in a while to provide a structured workout to help you achieve your goals. Again, it all depends on what you want the runs to be. We want to focus on providing a fun group experience for all ability levels and answering all your run-related questions.

So, put July 20 (and every Thursday) on your calendar for the Cyclova XC run! We will meet at the shop at 6 PM sharp and head out from there. Let us know if you have any questions. See you there!

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