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REMINDER! Wednesday evening rides are for everyone!!!!

Wednesday night rides are for everyone!! Well at least for everyone that has a relatively decent road bike.  But no matter what kind of bike you ride, or age, ability or sex .... these are fun, no drop rides and each week people never fail to say how thankful they are to have been able to participate!

And should you be so fortunate to see this blog before tomorrow's event (the 19th of July) the weather forecast seems absolutely ideal!  Low humidity, no rain, little wind and around 80 degrees! So please plan on joining us! (I especially want a good turn out because I've persuaded at least one friend from Minneapolis to come up for the ride!  And he is stoked. In fact, I think he said something about if anyone can beat him on any of the sprints he will buy them a beer!  Or maybe he said if anyone doesn't beat him he will buy them a beer... I forget which).

The details:

Show up at CyclovaXC downtown St. Croix Falls around 5:45 pm.  Help yourself to water (inside the store) or anything else you might need.  And yes, we have a fitting room and a bathroom if you need to change into your riding gear.

The ride starts at 6:00 and it is 34 miles long.  Same course every time, but there is an option to cut it short if you feel like getting home sooner.

Casual pace 14-17 mph or whatever the no drop speed might be.  But in six different locations there are highly visible paint stripes on the pavement (announced ahead of time) where riders who are so inclined give it everything they have for a mile or so (until they see the next blue stripe).  These are the sprints.  And yes, they ensure that everyone who wants a tremendous workout will get it!  After the sprint people generally rest up and when everyone is back in the group and has had ample water and recovery the  ride continues.

It is great fun and a great work out both!

We want to especially welcome women! And it may be if we get enough people we will have two different groups, a group that wants to push a little harder and a group that would rather relax more and enjoy the scenery.  Okay, that's all for now.  Please spread the word! 

See all the  happy faces?  And that's after riding 25 miles! Still nine to go including the final mile sprint up CTH I.

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