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Tammi's Sasquatch #4 Write-Up

Sasquatch Run #4---

Where does time go these days?  Saturday was another Sasquatch run.  Woke up to great weather for a trail run.  No humidity and about 65. Compared to the sauna of these last couple days, this qualifies as great running weather here.  As usual, I never know who or how many people are going to show up.  This morning people were slow to trickle in, not sure if its because they are tired from 4th of July activities or some are still celebrating.  But the brave, fun and determined ones were here. 

Nothing like starting out a trail run and going uphill after 1/4 mile.  Up steep hills and through the woods and then up some more hills.  Winding through many ice age trail segments and then finishing by a run by the river and back to the shop.  As usual Greg was first and had coffee and breakfast by the time some others got back.  I think Steve Clark joined him for breakfast as when I got back they weren't even sweaty anymore. Important part is everyone made it back safely and NO ONE got lost this time!  Amazing.  There is usually at least one person that gets lost somewhere.   

Consensus says it was a great course and I would have to agree.  Trail runs are always fun.  I was the only woman though so come on girls, where are ya?  I need more ladies out here.  We had some new faces and some returning of course.  Even some young blood again.  We finished at the shop where everyone visited and then went about their weekend activities- except for Jim Kelly who had to run like 20 more miles or something.
So thanks to those who came out and ran with us this morning.  Hope to see you and more at the next Sasquatch run which is August 12!  

Updated point totals can be seen here:

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