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Sasquatch #5 Write-Up

Hey Everyone!
Here's Tammi's report on Sasquatch #5. Remember Sasquatch #6 is coming soon.That's the pot-luck at Lion's park and we hope to see everyone to celebrate the end of Sasquatch season! Cheers!

Well with only one Sasquatch run left for the season, this run had to be longer than the others to prepare for that final long tough one right? Greg had the idea for a route and I ran it to see if it would be long and tough enough and yep it was good.

Then comes the work of marking the trail so no one gets lost..  I marked it to what I thought was ok...

Saturday morning rolls around and not many people were brave enough to try our course I guess.  Only 7 runners showed up but that's enough for a run by all means.  Easy to account for everyone at the end right?  AS usual Greg takes off way ahead of everyone followed closely by Steve Clark.  Steve took his own route.  Along with Jamey Sotis.  The marked Sasquatch route is just a suggested route right?

Steve Meyer ran 6 miles despite coming off of a long foot injury so was just glad to be running again.  One way or another we all managed to make it back to the overlook after a beautiful run through the interstate parks of WI and MN with Greg leading the way as usual.

And yes, some managed to get lost on my poorly marked trails.  Apparently blue chalk don't work well on blue trap rock...Who knew?  Orange chalk it is for the final one.  

So as I'm trying to figure out ideas and trails for the final distance, if you have a certain trail you wan to to run, let me know and I can try to incorporate it into the 25K final Sasquatch run on Sept. 2nd!

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