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Tammi's Tough Sasquatch #6 Route

Boy, Tammi sure has done a great job designing tough running routes for this season! This one is going to be absolutely beautiful! I made a semi-decent map, though it's probably not the best for navigation. You can click in on a larger version here. Also, you can check the Strava data here (note, you have to be logged into Strava to make that link work)--I guess we're doing a good job funneling more users to Strava :). The distance ended up being 14 miles and I talked Tammi out of adding 2 more (whew...).

As per usual, Tammi is going to be marking the course with chalk so hopefully we won't have anyone get lost. However, if you do get lost, just try to make it back to the river then go North until you hit Lion's park. Back in the old days, Frank and I used to get half our training done on days we got lost and were thus obligated to do an extra 150 or so miles.

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Here's that awesome grill image again because it cracks me up (and every time I grill it looks like this):

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