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2018 Trek Farley 5's are in stock at Cyclova XC - and these speedy adventure machines are going to blow your mind!
At Cyclova XC, a whole lot of expertise & thought goes into into every single product that we stock.  Check out this blog post from way back in 2012 for a bit of background on our philosophy on assortment & presentation.  The fat bike world is really starting to mature, and there are countless exciting advances happening in this exciting niche!  For 2018, Trek has really stepped up their game, with a laundry list of cutting edge features on all of their fat bikes - including their price point fat bike - the very capable 2018 Trek Farley 5 at the affordable price of $1729.99!

Over the past decade, the fat bike has been continuously reinvented.  Literally dozens of pounds removed, handling vastly improved, rolling resistance cut in half multiple times, and flotation drastically increased.  Trek's 2018 Farley line up embodies the latest in these most meaningful fat bike innovations!

Now, we will focus in on the hot new 2018 Trek Farley 5 - all sizes now in stock at Cyclova XC - your fat bike experts and hosts of the 2nd biggest fat bike on the planet - the 45NRTH Solstice Chase
The intelligently designed frame is stout to provide absolute efficiency, accentuated by front & rear thru-axles, and even included great details like ports for internally routed dropper seat posts!
The frameset is the foundation of any bicycle, and the Farley 5 frame checks all of the boxes you want to check!  Following are highlights of this great frameset:
  • Stout & Stiff Frame:  This Alpha Platinum Aluminum frame is intelligently shaped through Trek's tube shaping process.  You'll notice the tubes all vary in shape, diameter, and thickness - even different from one size to the next!  In short this frame is absolutely stiff where it needs to be stiff, but allows a bit of "cush" where you want it to!  This ensures that all of the energy you put into the pedals goes into propelling you further into your adventure in comfort!  
  • Carbon Fork & Thru-Axles:  How are your wheels attached to your fat bike frame?  This is a critical element to any bike being efficient, handling well, and and riding smoothly!  The 2018 Farley 5 frame pairs up the the amazing Bontrager Haru OCLV Carbon Fork - a torsionally stiff, smooth riding, beautiful rigid carbon fork.  Wheels are attached to the frame & fork in the best possible way with full on 15mm & 12mm thru axles for the front and rear respectively.  These large diameter thru-axles drastically increase the stiffness & torsional rigidity of both the front & rear end of the bicycle - meaning increased efficiency & more precise handling (thru axles are a massive upgrade from standard quick release levers)!
The Farley 5 has a killer drivtrain - note the beautiful Race Face Aeffect crankset, and the Shimano "one by" drivetrain.  This drivetrain ensure you have all the gears you'll ever need, with only a rear derailleur!
The component kit on any bike is always critical, and the Farley 5 doesn't disappoint! 
  • Drivetrain:  The Farley 5 has a rock solid drivetrain which will perform flawlessly, go the distance, and ensure flawless performance (whether you're sweating in the Sand Barrens on a hot August day, or riding a sub zero frozen river in January)!  Highlights of the drivetrain include the beautiful Race Face Aeffect crankset & a clutched Shimano "one by" drivetrain.
  • Brakes:  Hydraulic brakes are the ticket any season of the year, especially Winter!  SRAM's new Level hydraulic disc brakes ensure more than enough stopping power in any condition. 
Come on in while the gettin' is good.  We just received a full size run of Farley 5's, and they likely won't last long!
Particularly on Fat Bikes, tire & wheel technology is of paramount importance!  When it comes to fat biking on soft surfaces, especially snow, it all comes down to tire contact patch.  While this is a complex discussion of physics, I'll boil it down to the following points which the Farley 5 delivers on:
  • Tire Tech & Rim:  The Farley 5 is spec'ed with a smart combination of 27.5" x 4.5" tires mounted to an 80mm wide rim.  On the front you'll find the all new gnarly Bontrager Gnarwhal, while on the rear you'll find the fast rolling Bontrager Barbegazi tires.   Both tires are built around a super supple, fast rolling, grippy 120 tpi (thread per inch) casing, with an especially aggressive tread on the the front end.  As a bonus, the Gnarwahl tire on the front is studable, and can use any brand of "pocket style stud", in stock at Cyclova XC.  For riding groomed singletrack in the winter, generally studs aren't necessary, but they can be a lifesaver in transformed snow where ice is present.  It's important to note the importance of running fat bike tires at very low pressures - otherwise you'll never enjoy the benefits of riding fat.  While riding on snow, you'll usually want to be running between 4-6 psi of air pressure in these tires (even less if the snow surface of soft).  In the end, more tire surface area / contact patch = more fun!
Every size of the Trek 2018 Farley 5 Fat Bike is in stock at Cyclova XC!  Come on in for a free test ride and to experience the latest in Fat Bike technology professionally fit to your body!

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