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Fun Roller Ski Clinic with Andy Liebner

We had a nice time chatting with Andy Liebner on Sunday, and the guy knows his stuff when it comes to skiing technique. He was also testing some poles with feathers down the side to decrease their wind drag. The best thing about Andy is that he's always trying something new in pursuit of a technical advantage. His recent podium finishes in Argentina show he must be doing something right. 

In addition to feathered poles, Andy also encourages people to train on roller skis by pulling around a tire:
As far as I'm concerned, Mullin has about as good a ski technique as anyone, but he was pretty impressed with Liebner's tricks and drills. 50 KM is a long way, so anything you can do to increase efficiency with each ski stroke adds up considerably by the time you hit the end of the race. 

We'll try to get Liebner back to do another ski clinic in November as a lot of our skiers were out at Chequamegon this weekend. As I said before, skiers of all fitness and ability levels can benefit from having an expert examine your technique and walk you through some efficiency drills. As for me, I think I most enjoyed hearing Andy's stories from his racing days. Thanks Andy!

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