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We're Bringing in Altra--Sasquatch Wrap Up!

Hey Everyone!

We had a great final Sasquatch run today (and typically awesome pot luck...runners bring the best food--and LOTS of it!). I'll get more into that in a minute. First I'm excited to announce that we're bringing Altra running shoes to CyclovaXC! We've been chatting about this for a while and we're glad to finally announce this is happening. For our initial order we'll be carrying size runs of the following models:

Lone Peak 3.5
If someone wants more water resistant (but not Gore-tex) the Lone Peak 3.0 neoshell is what they should get.
Superior 3.5

These are the models we'll be carrying, but please check out the Altra web page (Note: the Superior 3.5 is not yet listed on the Altra web page). We can order anything you want to fit your needs. For example, the Lone Peak Mid Mesh 3.5 looks like a perfect choice for anyone thinking of coming with me to hike in Peru one of these summers :). 

Don't hesitate to contact with us as we put together our order so we're sure to have the size, model, and color that suits you. Just send a message to and we'll have your shoes for you shortly.

Ok, on to the Sasquatch finale!

We had a nice little crew of regulars turn up for our annual run/pot luck. This year the calendar fell kind of funny so we were running on both Memorial day and Labor day (which kind of hurts numbers). We'll see how that shakes out next year. Tammi's course was perfect as usual but she marked it with chalk and there was a light rain that morning. However it didn't turn out to be enough rain to completely wash all the markings away...judging by the fact that I think everyone got back in.

Everybody had a different mileage objective today. Greg needed to add something like 3 miles to the established course, so when we said "Go!" he went running off in the completely wrong direction. Steve was the first to cross the line, apparently having not gotten lost out on the course. Jim and Tammi came in together and mentioned that even though it felt like a cool day, there was some brutal humidity out there.

Later on, Steve returned to the Cyclova where he'd left a crock pot stewing. This he fastened to his speed concept with inner tubes and police tape and came rolling out to the park to serve everyone. We were fearful he was going to flip the contraption over as he rolled down the hill to the camp area, but he made it safely and the food was delicious.

The last race was double points so there was some shuffling on the leaderboard. Here are the final men's results (here's the link for the larger version):
And here's the women's final leaderboard (link):
So it's a wrap for 2017! Thanks everyone for coming out and running with us! Thanks to Tammi for taking over as series director! We'll see you all in 2018 and don't forget to order your Altras!

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