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Greg Atkinson Wins the Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon!

It's always great when one of our friends wins a major event. Through the years, Tammi Braund has emerged victorious on numerous occasions at the Gandy Dancer Trail marathon. On Saturday, October 7th, the torch was passed to Greg Atkinson who took the podium with a time of 3:03:52 and nearly a 30 minute advantage over 2nd place.

Greg is a regular participant and multiple series champion of our Sasquatch Dash runs, and he's always the first to shout out encouragement as you see him flying by you on the trail (maybe because he never seems to be out of breath). A couple years ago, Greg broke his collarbone at the Mammoth Gravel Classic, but was still out running only a few weeks later.

A few weeks ago, I rode with Greg and Steve Meyer during the first part of the Skull-n-Bones gravel challenge and Greg mentioned that he was hoping to have a good race up at the Gandy. Then Greg and Steve peeled off to finish the 100 mile course, Greg on a fat bike no less, as I happily elected to take the short route back home. Greg puts in a ton of work running and training in our area, and it's gratifying to see all that hard effort pay off. Winning a big marathon like this is a huge deal, so the next time you see Greg, make sure to congratulate him on a tremendous effort!

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