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Beat the Dark--Cold, Wet and Fantastic!

We had a wonderful group of people turn up for the 2017 "Beat the Dark." Considering how poor the conditions looked on Saturday, I was surprised that we had as big a crowd as we did. Although the forecast called for cold temperatures, the rain finished before we started and we were able to ride a (mostly) snow free trail! 

In the end, only 4 riders did the whole 100 mile course to "Beat the Dark," they were: Patty Bobzin (our Solstice Chase poster girl), Jason Kunshier, Ben Mullin and Dallas Wynne. The ride was a LOT tougher than last year with a wet and tacky course, but it was firm enough not to rut up with our passage.

Most of us decided to go to Cafe Wren or a little beyond. I think there were a few metric centuries on the day which is also very impressive in those conditions. If you have photos, please put them on the Facebook page at It's surprising how many smiling faces you see even when it's snowing and raining and 36 degrees. Biking is awesome.

Please continue to spread the word on this event. It's a very easy ride to organize and on a good forecast year I don't see why we couldn't have a couple hundred people coming for this.

Don't forget about our Cross-Country ski "Team Night" coming up at Cyclova on Friday November 10th! For more details click here.

Also on Sunday the 12th all you local runners need to come and hear a tech talk from Dan Maxon of Altra Footwear. I'll be posting an event for that shortly.

Unfortunately Andy Liebner had to cancel the roller ski clinic scheduled for the 12th.

See you all soon!

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