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Beat the Dark--Trail and Snow Conditions

Hey Everyone!

St. Croix got a bunch of snow last night! This is a big difference from the 70 degree day we had last year! Years ago, snow would mean no-go, but now there are new things called FAT BIKES, so snow now means NO PROBLEM!

Here's a picture and course report from Dallas:

Course update as of noon today from the Gandydancer trail in St Croix Falls. 1.5" of heavy snow over a firm trail surface. Any knobby tires should be fine. It will be interesting to see what happens overnight tonight. The good news is that the forecast rain will likely finish before we start. Looking forward to a good day with friends. See you there.
These conditions are going to make it very difficult to do the whole 100 miles and back before the dark, but I wouldn't put it past a couple of our guys to make it. We've got folks training for rides that will be way more intense than this, so this is a perfect day in many ways.

Also, this might be a perfect day to go and rent a fat bike from CyclovaXC, or even purchase one. You don't want to miss this free ride!!!

If worse comes to worse and we determine in the morning that the Gandy is impassable, we can always do the first part of the Mammoth Gravel Classic course, so plan on coming tomorrow morning for a fun day of riding and playing in the snow with your friends!

Thanks for the trail update Dallas!

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