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Fat Bike Tires - Studs and Fresh Treads

Winter is upon us with wheel and tire options continuing to grow as we roll into another season. Last year, studded tires were a big deal if you wanted to ride singletrack during most of the season. I personally missed out on some ridding or was at least deterred from some riding last winter, because I did not have a set of studded tires. It all comes down to how much snow we get and the weather in between that snow. At the end of the day, a second set of studded tires can keep you rolling through more of the season in a variety of trail conditions.

The other major things that impacts traction is worn out tires. But worn out tires don’t necessarily mean that you’ve worn the treads off. Worn out tires can simply mean you’ve rounded the edges on the tire knobs and this makes a huge difference in the amount of bite that the tire will have. If you ride your fat bike at all in the summer… chances are that you’ve put some wear on the tire tread. You might not even realize it until you hit the first corner on your snowy singletrack and end up in the trail side snowbank.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about… Plenty of tread, but the edges are rounded right off the treads. This tire has lost it’s bite and is well beyond ready for replacement for good traction.

The next question comes down to what tires to get… We’ve taken a look at the fat bike tire options out there and have stocked what we think are some of the best options for various conditions and riding. Keep in mind, we can still get you just about any other tires options that you might prefer and usually the next day.

Below are some popular fat bike tire picks depending on your riding conditions and goals...

45NRTH Dillinger 5 and Wrathchild Fat Bike Tires

Dillinger 5 (Fast Rolling) on the left and Wrathchild (Aggressive Traction) on the right

45NRTH Dunderbeist and Flow Beist Fat Bike Tires

Dunderbeist (Aggressive Rear Specific) on the left
Flow Beist (Aggressive Front Specific) on the right

45NRTH Husker Du Fat Bike Tire

Previous generation Husker Du (Fast Rolling) on the left
Newly designed Husker Du (Fast Traction) on the right

Terrene Cake Eater Light Studdable and Studded Fat Bike Tires

Terrene released the Cake Eater Light this year with a couple of notable features and is a tire we've chosen to stock in every size option.

Siping - The sipes are those jagged slits in the center tire tread blocks. This is the same type of siping that is added to winter snow specific car tire tread blocks to provide extra traction in the snow. The Cake Eaters feature lower center tread blocks to keep rolling resistance low, but add the siping to maintain grip.

Studdable - The Cake Eaters come studded or non studded. The great feature of the non studded versions is they are still studdable if you choose to add studs yourself or decide that you would like to partially stud them.

Cake Eater (Fast Rolling studdable) on the left
Cake Eater (Fast Rolling Factory Studded) on the right

Bontrager Barbegazi Fat Bike Tire

This tire actually comes stock on the Trek Farley 5 fat bikes that we do have in stock in various sizes.

Barbegazi (Deep Snow, Sand, Rough Terrain)

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