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New Bike Jackets Available At Cyclova XC

Keep your bike protected from those salty winter roads with a Bike Jacket, now available through Cyclova XC!

What is the Bike Jacket? The Bike Jacket is weather gear for your bike! The Bike Jacket was designed for 2 purposes… 
  • Keep your wheels and drivetrain covered and protected from the salty winter elements as your bike spends time on that car rack going to and from the trailhead.
  • Cover up those wet and dirty wheels before packing your bike in your car for the trip home.
It comes in 2 pieces; 1 for the front wheel and 1 for the rear wheel, which also covers your entire drivetrain. Both pieces use a clear vinyl center to avoid blocking your taillights.

Fat bike season is near and with that comes wet and salty roads. We see bikes in the Cyclova XC service center with corrosion leading up to costly repairs. The wet salty road conditions in the winter can quickly corrode bottom bracket, wheel and free hub bearings while quickly corroding your chain. Save yourself time from bike washes after every trip to the trail and costly corrosion repairs in the service center.

Stop into Cyclova XC and check out the new Bike Jacket.

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