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Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race Brings Over 200 to St. Croix Falls

Start of the 2017 30K Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race.

ST. CROIX FALLS—Over 200 fat bike racers took on the challenging Wooly Mountain Bike trail system, one of Polk County’s premier outdoor recreation facilities, Sat., Dec. 16.

The fifth annual Solstice Chase Fat Bike race, had competitors from seven States, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Mississippi plus Ontario, Canada, in two tough races, one 30 kilometers long and the other 15 kilometers, at the 2017-18 season’s first regional fat bike race.

With two inches of new fluffy snow the night before, the course was soft and slow. In the technical single track turns the snow pushed away to reveal icy dirt underneath. Many riders used studded tires to make the course rideable.

The 2018 Great Lakes Fat Bike Series will have 7 races spread over the Midwest states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, with the final race, in Marquette , MI, 02.17.2018, when the Fat Bike World Champions of 2018 will be decided. More information on the series is at: www.greatlakesfatbikeseries.com


30K Men’s race: 1—Cole Hause, Oneida, WI 2—Jeff Hall, Farmington, MN 3—Brendan Moore, Prior Lake, MN
30k Women’s race: 1— Sonia Pond, Bloomington, MN 2—Megan Barr, Minneapolis, MN 3—Pam Nielson, Cambridge, MN
15K Men’s race: 1—James Kauth, St. Paul, MN 2—Jason Roesch, Medford, MN 3—Willem Bastiaens, Scandia, MN
15K Women’s race: 1— Ridge Pidde, Bloomington, MN 2—Anne Grabowski, Bloomington, MN 3—Kris Brazil, Faribault, MN

Local racers included: Greg Atkinson, Frederic. Greg Norman, Siren. Patty Bobzin, Katie Weinberg, Jason Kunshier, and Mirabelle Vezina, Dresser. Cory Pratt and Doug Thompson, Osceola. Dan Campion, Danbury and Scott Goulet, Amery.

Complete results are available at: www.gopherstateevents.com

Fat bikes are a relatively new version of the hundred plus year old bicycle. They are an evolution of the now 30+ year old mountain bike, combining the mountain bike’s low gearing, that allows climbing steep hills, with very wide (4 inches), soft, low pressure tires that float over trail surfaces even a mountain bike would sink into. A new world of winter biking has been made possible with the fat bike, from icy roads to trails that previously have been impossible to ride. Like everything else, when the first one was built, it was fun, when the second one was built, there was a race.

For more information on area fat biking opportunities: www.cyclovaxc.com
and: woolybikeclub.blogspot.com

--Polk County Tourism Council
Sonia Pond, St. Louis Park, MN, leads Sam Janicki (#68), Mound, MN, and other racers down the trail at the half way point of the 30K race. Pond would win the women’s division of the race.
Patty Bobzin, Dresser, WI drops into a single track section of the trail.
David Chabot (#172), Owatonna, MN, Jacklyn Hayes (#58), Waconia, MN, and Steve Kapaun, Hudson, WI sprint for the finish line.

981(2) Shane Maxwell (#99), Two Harbors, MN and Thomas Hagerty (#51), Shafer, MN negotiate a drop back onto the course of the 30K race.

Photo credit: William Johnson

Stocking Stuffers, Gift Ideas and Gift Certificates

With the Christmas and Holiday season upon us, we have picked out some great stocking stuffer and gift ideas for folks that are still doing some last minute shopping. Stop by the store and you’ll find all kinds of great ideas that our staff has put together. Speaking of our staff… We have a staff full of bike riders, runners, skiers and general outdoor enthusiasts - they know what they'd like for a gift and can help you pick something out!

This isn't everything, but here are a few of the items that would be some nice gifts or stocking stuffers...

We also have gift certificates for the store if you just can't figure out what to get...

Kid's bikes from 12" tires to 26" tires and into adult bikes...

We do have a few previous model year bikes that you'll find a good deal on as well...

Tool kits, Air Pumps, Multi-tools, etc...

All kinds of light options

We have lights for general daylight visibility all the way up to 800 lumens for trail riding at night.

Bike Computers, Phone Mounts, Cases, etc...

We can even get you many of the Garmin products... Stop by and check out some of the display units that we recently brought in to explore the potential of bringing these in house. See us before Thursday afternoon and we can have yours here by Friday.

Adult and Kid's Snowshoes

We also have YakTrax for those heading out on the ice...

Gift Certificates

And if you can't figure out what to get... We have gift certificates that can be purchased in any $$ amount you want.

With all that... We just hope you enjoy some time with family and find the opportunity to get outside and ride bikes, ski, run, snowshoe or whatever you like to do to stay active. Stop by the store, say hi and fill us in on your adventures.

Ben Jonjak Departs CyclovaXC Ownership Team

Hello Everyone!
This is a very exciting time for CyclovaXC with some major changes that I believe will help launch our fitness community into a new stratosphere of incredible adventures. Cyclova is very dear to my heart, and it makes me happy to see it grow and evolve. Although I have exited the ownership team, I will be continuing on with Cyclova as an employee writing blog posts, photoshopping explosions into the background of race photos of our athletes, and showing up at events to participate with everyone who wears the Cyclova colors.

Being an owner of Cyclova these last 6+ years has been a remarkable journey. I'm very grateful for having had the privilege of working with such fantastic people at the shop, and meeting so many amazing individuals who have walked through the door. I've made life-friends through Cyclova, which is as much as you can ask from any occupation.

When we first opened, I'd talk to people about running marathons or doing century bike rides, and they'd look at me like I was insane. Now, some of those same people are signing up for century runs, and they ride their bike in winter double centuries that start at midnight in January with temperatures hovering in the -25 range. It has been an impressive transformation to observe.

Steve Hamlin and Jim Kelley are going to do a fantastic job outfitting the Cyclova community for any endeavor they aspire to tackle, and Steve Clark is going to ensure our events will only continue to grow. Frank also will continue to provide his enthusiasm and expertise. I couldn't conceive of a better group to take the wheel and guide Cyclova into the future.

Success is measured in a variety of ways, and in the grander scheme of things, CyclovaXC has always only been a little bike shop serving a small community. There are certainly occupations that Frank and I could have pursued over these past years that might have been more lucrative. But I look at what has been built with a lot of pride and satisfaction. I'll always remember the look on Jeff Wolf's face as we awaited the start of the Birkie at the Telemark lodge and went from telling jokes to shifting gears and putting on our boots. "Things just got real," Jeff said and he went on to ski a fantastic Birkie. More recently, we were treated to Katie Bruns's 50 Miles of Epicness write-up: an article which overflows with the joy of youth, friendship and adventure. These are just two of hundreds of  memorable moments that have been documented on Cyclova throughout the years.

I am really looking forward to enjoying the CyclovaXC community from this new perspective. I'll see you all on the ski trails, on the gravel roads, and at the marathons; and the write-ups will continue to appear here on this blog. I'm looking forward to all the new adventures, and will see you this Saturday at the 5th annual Solstice Chase!

Just for fun, I thought I'd end this article with a collection of all the explosion photos I've done throughout the years :)

Cyclova XC Under New Ownership and Management Structure!

Cyclova XC Under New Ownership and Management Structure!

It is an exciting time to be part of the outdoor adventure and fitness community… Cycling and trail running are growing among all age groups and becoming more accessible every year. Additionally, even though the last couple years have seen minimal snow conditions, you can’t help but notice the excitement around the potential for a good ski season. Whatever it is that you’re into, there are endless possibilities around the midwest and the CyclovaXC community is right in the middle of it.

It feels like CyclovaXC is really just getting started as the community of folks around the shop continues to grow. Frank Lundeen and Ben Jonjak, along with the great support of the outdoor adventure, fitness and performance community have built an amazing foundation to build on.

With that said, CyclovaXC is excited to announce the following ownership & mangement changes:
  • Steve Hamlin has joined the ownership team and will be taking on General Management responsibilities of CyclovaXC and co-managing the shop with Steve Clark. Steve Hamlin brings a big passion for fitness, endurance, adventure, cycling and racing to the shop; along with an engineering background if you want to dive into the details of bike fit and geometry, among many other nerdy topics.
  • Steve Clark has stepped out of the ownership team, but is taking on all Event Management and Director responsibilities for CyclovaXC and co-managing the shop with Steve Hamlin. Steve Clark has a long history of bicycle advocacy and you couldn’t find a better person to put our events together. Speaking of events… Make sure you show up to the Solstice Chase fat bike race this coming Saturday, December 16th, to get a taste of the kind of events that Steve Clark will be putting together. We think there is a lot of opportunity to grow the community with events and Steve Clark is the right person to head this up.
  • Jim Kelley remains as a co-owner and brings a great deal of ultra endurance experience to the table, including 20 Birkie finishes, Ironman triathlon racing and ultra distance trail running! Jim will be available to support and grow our ski and running gear areas. If you didn’t know, CyclovaXC is now an Altra Shoe dealer.
  • Frank Lundeen will stay within the ownership team in an advisory role during the new ownership transition to Steve Hamlin and Jim Kelley. Additionally, Frank will lead up our stone grinding throughout the 2017/2018 ski season, while helping our service department prepare for the 2018/2019 ski season to keep Cyclova stone grinding services grinding away, long into the future.
  • Ben Jonjak has stepped out of the ownership team, but continuing on as an employee to support events, work on promotional stuff, teamwear and keeping us entertained and informed on the blog and social media. Keep an eye out for Ben’s infamous explosion shots…!
Cyclova has an amazing community, which has become very special to many folks. We see a lot of opportunity to grow the human powered sports community and look forward to what the future will bring.

Stop in and introduce yourself to any of the team that you might not have met in the past. We look forward to growing and serving the community. Stay tuned as the team has a lot of great ideas to build on the great foundation that already exists around the CyclovaXC community. At the end of the day, we want to see more people get outside, stay active and live healthy and fit lifestyles whether you are in it for recreation, adventure or performance… Thanks for your continued support!

Follow CyclovaXC on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and updates!

!Solstice Chase Course Details, Map, and Race Day Info!

The 2017 Solstice Chase race course on the Woolly Bike Club's groomed singletrack network are in prime shape!
On race morning - December 16th, 2017
report to the Fire Station
908 Pine Street, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

It is mid December, and that means that the stoke factor is very high for the 2017 Solstice Chase!  This year's race will again be held on the Woolly Bike Club's World Class Groomed Singletrack - but with a different start/finish venue.  

This year's start/finish/race HQ area will be at the St. Croix Falls Fire Department - adjacent to the Woolly trailhead.  To get there on race day, look for the orange Woolly Bike Club banners that will be posted at the intersection of US Hwy 8 and Industrial Parkway.  From there, we will have parking & hospitality crews to guide you to your parking spot (which will be in one of several near by lots in the industrial park).  See the map below for the lay of the land - for reference, notice the Woolly Trailhead at the top of the map, adjacent to the fire dept / race hq.

There will be much hospitality at this year's event - including an opportunity to check out the new Trap Rock Brewery, located 1 block from the Woolly Trailhead and our race headquarters (there will be free craft beer samples there as well as wood fired pizza for sale).  CLICK HERE for the full scoop on our race hospitality including warm spaces, heated changing areas, rest rooms, food, drink, and fun! 


Before we get into the course details, let's all Give Thanks... To the Woolly Bike Club:   For starters, this year's Solstice Chase wouldn't be possible, were it not for 9 + years of diligent hard work by the Woolly Bike Club's dedicated volunteers - please give them a high five, come up frequently to enjoy our world class groomed singletrack, and consider making the Woolly Bike Club your IMBA Chapter of choice or make a tax deductible donation to the Woolly Bike Club.

A narrative...  of our race course: This year's race will start and finish at the SCF Fire Department Parking Lot - adjacent to the Woolly Trailhead.  From the parking lot, the race will go west on pine street, south on Lincoln, and then on to an old section of Woolly trail / singletrack.  Once on this trail, there will be a gradual climb to stretch out the field (reducing congestion) to the Gandy Dancer Trail, and then racers will drop down through Woolly's Big Oak Singletrack.  

At the bottom of Woolly's Big Oak singletrack in the parking lot is the critical lap/finish intersection.  All racers will turn right on this first pass through.  Racers doing the long race will turn right here twice, whilst short racers will turn right here once.  Racers will turn left at this same intersection to go to the finish. 

Once on the main singletrack loop after the lap/finish intersection, you'll primarily be enjoying Woolly's sweet flowy lines of groomed singletrack - with occasional stints of wider trail sections mixed in for passing.  

Above is a close up map of our start/finish venue, as well as where hospitality items will be.
Remember to bring an extra set of clothes and your dancing shoes for after the race - we have a fantastic afternoon & evening planned - full of podium awards ceremonies, swag giveaways, and free craft beer sampling / wood fired pizza available for purchase at Trap Rock Brewery!

Following is the schedule for race day - December 16th, 2017
All Day Food Vending:  Food & Beverage Service will be available courtesy of the SCF Fire Department.  The fire dept menu will include a variety of hot drinks, soda, beer, and brats.  Note that the Trap Rock Brewery (1 block west) will have free craft beer samples and wood fired pizza available for purchase throughout the day.  
8AM:  Solstice Chase Race Registration pickup starts inside the St. Croix Falls Fire Department building at 908 Pine Street.
10AM:  Solstice Chase long race starts at the SCF Fire Department.
10:15AM:  Solstice Chase short race starts at the SCF Fire Department.
Afternoon: Food available at the fire department all day & craft beer samples / wood fire pizza at the Trap Rock Brewery!
2:30PM:  Overall awards ceremony for both race distances overall - including $800 cash for the long race! Awards ceremony will be held at the finish line - under the 45NRTH arch!
3PM:  More sweet fat biking swag will be given away than you can shake a stick at (for racers & volunteers) - must be present to win!  We will migrate over to the Trap Rock Brewery for this after the race awards ceremony for the swag giveaway and to show off our new brewery that will be opening soon!

CyclovaXC Spotted in Germany's Black Forest

Here's something I think is pretty cool. A few weeks ago I got a message on one of the Cyclova blog posts from a guy in Germany inquiring about getting one of our ski suits. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was a real request because we, like most web pages, get a deluge of spam comments daily. But, I figured "what the heck?" and I wrote the guy a message. We exchanged a few emails and it turned out we had his exact size ski suit in stock, so I had him make a payment through paypal and I sent the suit off in the mail.
The skiers name is Friedrich Braun and he'll be racing this season. After he wrote to confirm he had received the suit, I asked him to send me some pictures of him skiing. People are always curious to see what ski conditions look like throughout the world. It looks like they have pretty nice snow in the Black Forest at the moment.
I've skiied in Germany before and wrote about it in Beyond Birkie Fever. The race I did was the Konnig Ludwig Lauf which is one of the Worldloppet races (and is a fantastic event). I'll stay in touch with Friedrich and see if we can get some race reports and photos from over in Germany this season. It's always nice to have a contact across the pond in case any of us decide to head over to Europe and start filling in our Worldloppet passports! Good luck racing this season Friedrich!

Solstice Chase Online Registration Closes TODAY!

Hey Chasers!

That's right, today is the LAST DAY to register online for the greatest show on snow! If you're not in already, CLICK HERE and sign up! If you can't remember if you've registered, please scroll down the page until you find the convenient "Am I Registered?" button. 

Things are shaping up for a tremendous race. There is a nice dusting of snow, so the race photos should be fantastic. Here's a sneak preview of what the course will probably look like:
We'll be sending out a final email blast with information on parking, etc., so keep checking CyclovaXC.com, SolsticeChase.com and your email.

Once again, if you haven't registered, CLICK HERE! See you on the 16th!

The Stage is Set for a Great Solstice Chase December 16

Yes, the stage is set for a great race, literally!  Look closely at the photo below and you'll see that our wooden, sturdy stage is already at the new Start/Finish area and with the 3 inch snowfall Monday night, the Woolly Fat Bike Trails are already approaching race perfect form!

You can still register here for the short or long race, but hurry because online registration closes this week and we are nearly full!


Please come prepared to to ride the first loop (approximately 15K) meet other competitors, and talk race strategy.  With maps available, we will slowly ride (as a group) the entire course.  Meet at the St. Croix Falls Fire Hall, just a few blocks from the new Trap Rock Brewery (but  not yet opened). Fire Station address is 908 Pine Street, St. Croix Falls. This is also the location of the official Start/Finish for the Solstice Chase on December 16th.

WANT TO BE PART OF THE ACTION WITHOUT RACING?  Well you're in luck!  We can always use more volunteers!  Volunteer meeting will take place at CyclovaXC 112 N. Washington St. at 6:30 PM Friday, Dec. 8th.  Email steve@cyclovaXC.com

Racers get ready to take off at the 2016 Solstice Chase

Give the Gift of the Gandy--State Trail Passes Available for Holiday Gifts

I thought I'd share this press release as it's a wonderful idea and it helps promote our local trails. Think snow everyone!

POLK COUNTY—Looking for that last-minute gift for the bicycle riders, skiers, or equestrian enthusiasts on your list?

2018 State Annual Passes are available for holiday shopping at the Polk County Information Center in St. Croix Falls, and in Amery, at the Farm Table, the Countyside Convenience Store (Cenex), Ellie’s Ice Cream and Coffee, Amery City Hall, and from the Friends of the Stower 7 Lakes Trail.

State Trail Passes are required in Polk County for bikers on the Gandy Dancer Trail, bikers and skiers on the Stower 7 Lakes Trail, and riders on the Trade River Horse Trail in the Town of Sterling, 16 years of age and older.
An annual State Pass opens up the whole network of Wisconsin State Trails that require passes. Annual passes are priced at $25 and are good for calendar year 2018.

Trail pass sales generated just under $11,000 in 2017 for Polk County that is used for trail maintenance and that helps offset the tax levy to lower your taxes. So, if you are planning to use any of the Wisconsin State Recreation trails in 2018 that require passes, it pays to buy your pass at home in Polk County.

Polk County now has two bike trails and one Nordic ski trail that require a State Pass.

The Gandy Dancer Trail has been in operation since 1996 and is a 47 mile long, limestone surfaced trail that stretches from St. Croix Falls to Danbury. It is operated by agreement with the DNR as a non-motorized trail in the summer and a snowmobile trail in the winter.

Wisconsin’s newest State Trail, the Stower 7 Lakes Trail, is a 14 mile, limestone surfaced trail running from Amery to just outside Dresser. It is a non-motorized trail year around, offering biking, birding, and hiking in the summer, and x-country skiing, fat biking and snowshoeing in the winter.

Passes for the holiday season are also available at the Polk County Parks Buildings, and Solid Waste office in Balsam Lake.

For more information call 800-222-POLK, www.polkcountytourism.com or 715-485-9294