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Ben Jonjak Departs CyclovaXC Ownership Team

Hello Everyone!
This is a very exciting time for CyclovaXC with some major changes that I believe will help launch our fitness community into a new stratosphere of incredible adventures. Cyclova is very dear to my heart, and it makes me happy to see it grow and evolve. Although I have exited the ownership team, I will be continuing on with Cyclova as an employee writing blog posts, photoshopping explosions into the background of race photos of our athletes, and showing up at events to participate with everyone who wears the Cyclova colors.

Being an owner of Cyclova these last 6+ years has been a remarkable journey. I'm very grateful for having had the privilege of working with such fantastic people at the shop, and meeting so many amazing individuals who have walked through the door. I've made life-friends through Cyclova, which is as much as you can ask from any occupation.

When we first opened, I'd talk to people about running marathons or doing century bike rides, and they'd look at me like I was insane. Now, some of those same people are signing up for century runs, and they ride their bike in winter double centuries that start at midnight in January with temperatures hovering in the -25 range. It has been an impressive transformation to observe.

Steve Hamlin and Jim Kelley are going to do a fantastic job outfitting the Cyclova community for any endeavor they aspire to tackle, and Steve Clark is going to ensure our events will only continue to grow. Frank also will continue to provide his enthusiasm and expertise. I couldn't conceive of a better group to take the wheel and guide Cyclova into the future.

Success is measured in a variety of ways, and in the grander scheme of things, CyclovaXC has always only been a little bike shop serving a small community. There are certainly occupations that Frank and I could have pursued over these past years that might have been more lucrative. But I look at what has been built with a lot of pride and satisfaction. I'll always remember the look on Jeff Wolf's face as we awaited the start of the Birkie at the Telemark lodge and went from telling jokes to shifting gears and putting on our boots. "Things just got real," Jeff said and he went on to ski a fantastic Birkie. More recently, we were treated to Katie Bruns's 50 Miles of Epicness write-up: an article which overflows with the joy of youth, friendship and adventure. These are just two of hundreds of  memorable moments that have been documented on Cyclova throughout the years.

I am really looking forward to enjoying the CyclovaXC community from this new perspective. I'll see you all on the ski trails, on the gravel roads, and at the marathons; and the write-ups will continue to appear here on this blog. I'm looking forward to all the new adventures, and will see you this Saturday at the 5th annual Solstice Chase!

Just for fun, I thought I'd end this article with a collection of all the explosion photos I've done throughout the years :)

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