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Cyclova XC Under New Ownership and Management Structure!

Cyclova XC Under New Ownership and Management Structure!

It is an exciting time to be part of the outdoor adventure and fitness community… Cycling and trail running are growing among all age groups and becoming more accessible every year. Additionally, even though the last couple years have seen minimal snow conditions, you can’t help but notice the excitement around the potential for a good ski season. Whatever it is that you’re into, there are endless possibilities around the midwest and the CyclovaXC community is right in the middle of it.

It feels like CyclovaXC is really just getting started as the community of folks around the shop continues to grow. Frank Lundeen and Ben Jonjak, along with the great support of the outdoor adventure, fitness and performance community have built an amazing foundation to build on.

With that said, CyclovaXC is excited to announce the following ownership & mangement changes:
  • Steve Hamlin has joined the ownership team and will be taking on General Management responsibilities of CyclovaXC and co-managing the shop with Steve Clark. Steve Hamlin brings a big passion for fitness, endurance, adventure, cycling and racing to the shop; along with an engineering background if you want to dive into the details of bike fit and geometry, among many other nerdy topics.
  • Steve Clark has stepped out of the ownership team, but is taking on all Event Management and Director responsibilities for CyclovaXC and co-managing the shop with Steve Hamlin. Steve Clark has a long history of bicycle advocacy and you couldn’t find a better person to put our events together. Speaking of events… Make sure you show up to the Solstice Chase fat bike race this coming Saturday, December 16th, to get a taste of the kind of events that Steve Clark will be putting together. We think there is a lot of opportunity to grow the community with events and Steve Clark is the right person to head this up.
  • Jim Kelley remains as a co-owner and brings a great deal of ultra endurance experience to the table, including 20 Birkie finishes, Ironman triathlon racing and ultra distance trail running! Jim will be available to support and grow our ski and running gear areas. If you didn’t know, CyclovaXC is now an Altra Shoe dealer.
  • Frank Lundeen will stay within the ownership team in an advisory role during the new ownership transition to Steve Hamlin and Jim Kelley. Additionally, Frank will lead up our stone grinding throughout the 2017/2018 ski season, while helping our service department prepare for the 2018/2019 ski season to keep Cyclova stone grinding services grinding away, long into the future.
  • Ben Jonjak has stepped out of the ownership team, but continuing on as an employee to support events, work on promotional stuff, teamwear and keeping us entertained and informed on the blog and social media. Keep an eye out for Ben’s infamous explosion shots…!
Cyclova has an amazing community, which has become very special to many folks. We see a lot of opportunity to grow the human powered sports community and look forward to what the future will bring.

Stop in and introduce yourself to any of the team that you might not have met in the past. We look forward to growing and serving the community. Stay tuned as the team has a lot of great ideas to build on the great foundation that already exists around the CyclovaXC community. At the end of the day, we want to see more people get outside, stay active and live healthy and fit lifestyles whether you are in it for recreation, adventure or performance… Thanks for your continued support!

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