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CyclovaXC Spotted in Germany's Black Forest

Here's something I think is pretty cool. A few weeks ago I got a message on one of the Cyclova blog posts from a guy in Germany inquiring about getting one of our ski suits. To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was a real request because we, like most web pages, get a deluge of spam comments daily. But, I figured "what the heck?" and I wrote the guy a message. We exchanged a few emails and it turned out we had his exact size ski suit in stock, so I had him make a payment through paypal and I sent the suit off in the mail.
The skiers name is Friedrich Braun and he'll be racing this season. After he wrote to confirm he had received the suit, I asked him to send me some pictures of him skiing. People are always curious to see what ski conditions look like throughout the world. It looks like they have pretty nice snow in the Black Forest at the moment.
I've skiied in Germany before and wrote about it in Beyond Birkie Fever. The race I did was the Konnig Ludwig Lauf which is one of the Worldloppet races (and is a fantastic event). I'll stay in touch with Friedrich and see if we can get some race reports and photos from over in Germany this season. It's always nice to have a contact across the pond in case any of us decide to head over to Europe and start filling in our Worldloppet passports! Good luck racing this season Friedrich!

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