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CycleOps Indoor Trainers at Cyclova XC

CycleOps Trainers

It's been a cold winter and non -20 degree days have brought above freezing temps and fatbike trail closures. If you don't have have an indoor trainer, but just haven't been able to get out... An indoor trainer really is a great option. It's not just for hardcore training either...

We have sold trainers to all levels of riders. Infact, one of our latest trainer sales went to somebody with a Townie Cruiser and they just wanted to maintain some fitness through the winter, so they could be ready hit the Gandy Dancer Bicycle Path again in the spring. It's a convenient way to get a workout  in and maintain fitness in a short period of time vs packing up and driving to the trailhead or the gym. I would still prefer to get outside, but available time and weather doesn't always allow it. If you own an indoor trainer, you'll find it coming in handy during the spring, summer and fall months as well.

I personally own 2 CycleOps Indoor Trainers. I own the Jet Fluid Pro and Magnus...

Jet Fluid Pro

I have had the Jet Fluid Pro for a few years now and it has been a great trainer. I like the fluid trainer as it has an exponential power curve that is more in line with what you would feel in real life riding as you increase speed and work through your gear changes. The speeds that I ride on the trainer very closely match that of speeds that I would ride my road bike on the road, with the same gear selection and effort levels; both percieved effort and heart rate measurements.


I have owned the Magnus Wheel On Smart Trainer for a few months now also and again, really like this trainer. I had a Wahoo Kickr in the past, but the Magnus is half the price and works just as well. The wheel on option is slightly less accurate than a direct drive trainer when it comes to power measurement, but I make sure to pump my tire to the same 120psi and recrank down the wheel pressure knob before each ride. If I'm doing intervals where I want to make sure the power is most accurate, then I will hit the quick spin down calibration once the unit is warmed up and before I start my intervals. The Magnus will also fit 148mm boost hubs with an adapter kit.


I have also tested a CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Smart Trainer and was very impressed. It felt smoother in my opinion than the Kickr that I used to have and was quieter. The Hammer will also fit a variety of thru axle frames, including 148mm boost. If I were to have spent the extra money for a direct drive trainer, the Hammer would have been my first choice.


We do keep a CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer in stock as that seems to be the more common trainer of choice and for good reason. It is a great trainer for the money. It's a very similar trainer to the Jet Fluid Pro, but slightly cheaper and you can get an adapter to fit 148mm boost frames in it vs the Jet Fluid Pro, that can only fit 142mm frames. It doesn't have the same painted finish and plastic shroud as the Jet Fluid Pro, so at the end of the day... You're getting about the same trainer, minus the fancy finish, but with more frame versatility.


I personally don't have any experience with rollers, but we do keep the CycleOps Rollers in stock as well. I know Frank and other experienced cyclists swears by using rollers in the off season to keep the legs spinning, work on pedalling efficiency and handling the bike on a trainer with a more realistic feel. I think they would be a great option for those sustained endurance/tempo rides vs a traditional trainer as the balancing act would keep it much more entertaining. Maybe, I need to go ahead and some point and add another trainer to my pain cave...

Trainer Specific Tire

I also use a trainer tire to avoid build up of black tire dust on my floor and wearing out my normal tire. You can do this by having an extra wheel for your trainer, but since it's winter... You won't be using that normal tire anyways, so just mount up that trainer tire for the winter on your main wheel. We also keep a trainer tire in stock as well.

Next Day Orders

As far as any trainers that we might not have in stock... We can usually have what you are looking for in stock the next day for you to pick up depending on the day of the week. Just give us a call and we'll make sure we can have what you are looking for in stock, so you don't have to make 2 trips in.

Regardless of what you you might be looking for, we can get you set up with the type of trainer you need for your situation.

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