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Mullin's Wednesday Night Yard Sale Report

We are going to keep this one short.  Wednesday night there are some low key races held at Elm Creek.  7:00 is a freestyle race, 7:30 a classic race.

I'm on a Monday/Wednesday hard workout schedule right now so working a short super intense race into the mix on Wednesday's adds a little spice to the training mix and keeps you pushing hard.

With temps above freezing for the last 30 hours or so, and a HS meet having been held there that afternoon, the trails were pretty hard packed and fast, but still a little short of being a frozen skating rink.

I "warmed up", which included the usual easy skiing, and then a couple of 3 minute VO2 max efforts that would likely have been a key component of the workout had I not been racing.

At 6:55 I ditched my vest and lined up on the front of two rows.  After a little joking around with Artie about stepping on poles and a reminder from the race director that we were on an open course and to be careful and courteous to other skiers we were off.

About 100 meters later the lead pack is doing about 20 mph and a pair of non-racers decided to cut across the trail without looking first.  Talk about a close one as everyone managed to avoid a high speed collision.

Then about 100 meters later, as I was about fourth or fifth and wanting to make a few hard skates to close the gap to the leaders, I planted a pole between my skis.


That hard pack now has a pretty deep impression of my ribs in it.  It was quite easy to locate during a post race inspection.

About 17.5 mph to zero in 5 seconds.  It would have been a quicker deceleration but the guys behind me said I slid a fair ways before coming to a stop.

Thankfully no one ran me over while I was sprawled in the trail.  But by the time I got back up again the race was GONE.  Unfortunately not only did I get the wind knocked out of me, I aggravated the ribs I busted up mountain biking back in September.

I did get moving again though and managed to work it out mostly and finished the "race" as a hard workout.

I'm not sure I had previously seen 184 this year, so I was definitely not slacking at the end.
While I love racing, this really wasn't about the race so that was a big loss.  It is still a bit of a bummer to crash out of contention.  Hopefully the ibuprofen keeps any swelling at bay and I'll feel up to racing Seeley this weekend.

Keep the Ptex side down and the pole plants lateral to your skis everyone.


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