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SISU Ski Fest This Weekend

Nordic race season gets started in earnest this weekend.  The SISU Ski Fest in Ironwood MI kicks things off in the early marathon season with some great point to point racing from ABR to downtown Ironwood.

Cyclova usually has a pretty strong contingent up there racing.  Whenever you see anyone wearing Cyclova kit you are obligated to say hi even if you don't know them.  You are on the same team after all and you should get to know them if you don't.  It is my favorite part of being on the team.

Personally, I expect to be hanging out in the "VIP Room" prior to the race.  Not that I'm a VIP, that is just what that room is labeled.  It is the back room in the groomer shed.  If you are looking at the two big grooming shed doors, its in the very back of the one on the left.  If you are looking for a cool place to hang out I suggest there.

I know race morning can be hectic, but I'd like to see if we can't get a group picture before the race.  Let's meet at 10:00 (this was 8:30, but with the 90 minute delay we will push this back accordingly) right in front of (or maybe just inside since it is going to be COLD) the main grooming shed.  This is directly across the parking lot from the office where you normally buy your trail pass.  See the map below.  If you miss the group picture, try to grab a picture of yourself out there that day and send them to one of the Bens (Mullin or Jonjak).

If you need some hyping up (or distraction from trying to get real work done) here is a look back at all of the SISU reports found on Cyclova over the last 5 years.  Enjoy!

Jonjak 2012
Jonjak on the cancelled 2013 - I went out and skied 42k that day at Troll and used that GPS file to petition my way into wave 7 of the Birkie that year.  Jonjak promised me that SISU always had good skiing...
Jonjak 2014
Jonjak 2015
Mullin 2016
Mullin 2017

I'll be back next week with my in depth race reports you all know and love.


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