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STONEGRINDING @ Cyclova XC - Get The Most Out Of Your Skis & Wax This Winter!

Frank stonegrinding a ski on Cyclova XC's Wintersteiger Micro 100 Machine - the most advance machine in Wisconsin exclusively used for tuning Nordic skis.  Photo credit to David Gabrys
Once again, we are are in the heart of xc ski racing season (with great snow) - and skis that perform at their best will ensure a fun experience and help you have the best possible race results!  Simply put, caring for your base by having them periodically (usually annually) stoneground will maximize the time and money you spend on waxing them!

Specifically, stonegrinding your xc skis will:
  • "Exfoliate" your ski base:  Removing the old outermost dead layer of base material, and exposing a fresh and healthy new layer.  This will ensure that your ski bases actually take on the characteristics of the wax that you're working so hard to apply.  Freshly stoneground skis are proven to absorb up to 20 times more wax than skis that haven't been stoneground in over a year.  
  • Flatten your ski base:  Snow is abrasive, and skiing gradually rounds the edges of your ski base.  A flat ski makes the waxing process infinitely more effective (and easy), as well as makes your skis more stable and fun to ski (due to improved edge control).  
  • Precisely cut an optimal structure pattern into your ski base:  Our 3 step grinding process (see the video below) ensure a perfect, hair free, race ready structure pattern in your ski base.  While most Midwest xc skiers are best served by our Cold Universal Structure, see the structure menu on our Ski Service Page for details on our menu of structures (or drop us a line to chat details).
As has been the case since 2010, Frank Lundeen is personally grinding every pair of skis at Cyclova XC.  Frank's been stonegrinding skis since 1999 for everyone from Olympic Champions to first timers, and has literally trained in many of the nation's top xc ski tuning shops. Batches of skis will generally be processed on weekly for the remainder of this Winter, as demand dictates.  

Come on in to Cyclova XC to talk ski tech, stonegrinding, wax, and structure with our xc ski experts!

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