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Rely on the Waxing Gurus at Cyclova XC to help you have the fastest and most enjoyable skis ever!  From elite racers to first timers - we will ensure a smiling face whilst skiing!

We have a real Winter this go around, and skiers are chomping at the bit to get out and enjoy a day on the skis, as well as taking on some events!  A properly waxed ski will help you get the most out of your ski - from a fun kick & glide through the woods to the Birkie!  Cyclova XC is your full service XC Ski Shop and is at your service!

NEW!!! - Frequent Waxer Punchcards

Fast Skis are ones that are frequently waxed. Frequent waxing also protects your ski bases from oxidation, which tends to prevent optimal wax absorption. To help with the cost of frequent waxing, we have started our new punch card program so that you can purchase multiple wax jobs at a discount. We now offer the following wax punch cards...

Sport Hot Wax Punch Card (7 wax jobs - save $41): $99
Race HF Hot Wax Punch Card (3 wax jobs - save $12): $135

We have a variety of ski wax products...  Glide wax, grip wax, paste wax, Flouro-Carbons, etc...

If Waxing isn't your thing or you just don't have the time, but you still want to have a great time out skiing or have fast race skis - don't fret!  Bring your skis on in and we can take care of the waxing for you.  Whether its a quick paste wax job or a full-blown stonegrind/hotbox/race flourocarbon ski prep - we can ensure your skis are gliding fast!

Check out our Ski Service Page for the full scoop on waxing and ski service rates.  

Additionally, note that we are clearing out dozens of pairs of previous year model skis & boots with prices up to 50% off. Come on in to check out the deals, while the getting is good!
We believe that optimizing XC ski performance is an art!  Photo credit to David Gabrys

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