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'100 Marathons, 1000 Stories' coming to CyclovaXC February 20!

Many of us have on our bucket list to someday run a marathon --  26.2 miles! That was once true for Eric Olson as well.  And then it became two, then three....why not 100?!!! 

To say Eric is a runner on a whole different level is an understatement. While he likes to dismiss his accomplishments (jokingly saying he focuses on quantity, not quality) he also will blow your mind with his incredible feats and fabulous stories!

The northwestern Wisconsin native started his marathon career 15 years ago and has hit it steady ever since, never taking more than a two week break. He has run marathons all across the country including high-altitude mountains, deserts, ocean shores, indoors on a track and has even completed marathons on consecutive days.

He stands 6' 4" tall and 230 lbs and never gets injured! 

On Oct 1, 2017 Eric ran his 100th Marathon. Physical challenges aside, there are also many interesting stories on how he managed to find a way to travel the country, maintain steady employment and fit in this many events. (He's also known to be a bit of a storyteller)! He will be inducted into the North American 100 Marathon Club in the near future and is now working towards a marathon in all 50 states.

Eric is an Ironman Triathlon finisher, annual American Birkebeiner competitor, assistant high school cross country coach and long distance open water swimmer.

He says "every race has it's story" and friends often join him at events just to try and live the ordeal through his eyes. On Tuesday, February 20th starting at 6:30 pm, Eric will share his epic 100 marathon journey with stories and photos!  He promises to share not just his running secrets but all those crazy things that happen when you're not running!

(Also, keep in mind that will also the last chance to bring in your skis for the special Birkie Wax treatment. Wednesday the 21st is our last day for waxing before the Birkie.)

Facebook Event : 100 Marathons & 1000 Stories

This is the second Adventure Talk in our Adventure Talk Series.  Here's the complete line up for the  calendar:

Feb 6 -- The Birkie: A Way of Life; Racer insights by Ben Mullin and Jim Kelly
Feb 20 --  100 Marathons! 1,000 stories! -- Eric Olson
March 6 --  Surviving, Thriving at the Arrowhead 135Dallas Wynne and Angus Morrison
March 20 -- Snowshoeing in Spain -- the World Championships - Jim Graupner & Steve Clark 
April 3 -- Crossing the Red Lake Peatland --Jason Husveth, John Storkamp & Rob Henderson 
April 17 --  How to Conquer (or at least live to talk about it) the Marji Gesick 100 -- mountain bikers Steve Hamlin, Jason Kunshier and ultramarathon runnner Starr Phothirath.
May 1 --   Hudson Bay Bound -- 2250 miles from Mpls to the Hudson Bay! Recreating Eric Sevareid's route  Canoeing with the Cree -- Natalie Warren 
May 15 --  Adventures in Nutrition -- Latest research on what athletes really need - Amy Sotis

6:30 - 8 pm at the store, 112 N. Washington Street in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Always fun, forever free!

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